Gokite Cabarete is happy to announce our new weather station located in La Boca, the famous spot where river Yassica meets the ocean, a few miles east of Cabarete.

Besides the beautiful views and great food at Wilson’s Restaurant, to which you have to wait for a boat ride, provided by the restaurant, La Boca has been well know among many local and international riders for years. This is a great place for learning and practicing new tricks, while being surrounded by beautiful nature, flat waters, and nice, consistent wind. (Note that desipite this, we don’t recommend La Boca for beginners.)

For those more adventurous, La Boca is also great to challenge yourself to a downwinder to Kite Beach, GoKite’s home.

Because of La Boca’s popularity, we always wanted to provide accurate weather information to our local and international kiteboarding communities — similarly to what we’re already doing on Kite Beach — but have always ran into technical issues, due to its location. La Boca is a fairly remote area where the access to power is very restricted or non-existent, let alone the internet access…

After exploring a few options with the local providers, and after analyzing the station’s requirements, we come up with a plan to use solar battery-powered device in combination with a wireless/mobile network for internet access. (A station of our choice, Holfuy Automatic Weather Station, consumes very little power for the meter and the wireless data server that’s built-in. Additionally, the data requirements/consumption is minimal, too, as the data is in text format and thus very “light.”)

A few days after we received our solar-powered weather station — and after the heavy raining stopped— we finally made it happen! We had a great, productive day in La Boca, fun times and great food at Wilson’s, and our new weather station is now live. Next time you want to go kiteboarding in La Boca and wonder about the wind conditions there, head over to our Weather and LIve Webcam page.

<iframe width="1298" height="597" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/9onY_YJurI4" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>