We are happy to welcome our newest instructor, Nicolas Ordóñez, the founder of the kiteboarding school in Chivor, Colombia. Nicolas has been teaching kiteboarding for 5 years now, and is a invaluable addition to our school — both for being an excellent instructor, and an excellent source of ideas about how we can improve our school’s service.

We asked Nicolas a few questions about himself and his kiteboarding life while hanging out at Casa Mami restaurant, at the Extreme Hotel (our  location), and would like to share what he had to say.

GoKite: Tell us something we do not know about you?

Nicolas: I’ve studied Administrasion and Service, after three years of studying medicine; I love I teach kiteboarding and kite in Colombia. I really like good food and music.

GoKite: Why did you become an instructor? What do you like to teach?

Nicolas: I became a kite instructor while traveling to Puerto Velero (Colombia), where I liked to practice kiteboarding. One day, the people from a school there asked if he could help, because they had too many new students… from that day on, I was teaching as an instructor.

GoKite: If there was one thing you learned by being a kite instructor, what would it be?

Nicolas: I’ve learned that each student is totally different, each student comes from a unique background. Having a full regard for that fact — and tolerance — are the best tools for efficient interaction with people and the most effective way to teach.

GoKite: What do you like about working in GoKite Cabarete?

Nicolas: I like working at GoKite Cabarete because the fellowship and friendliness come first, because it’s fun — and of course, because Cabarete is one of the best spots in the world for kiteboarding…