Imagine this scenario: you’re in the water, fully geared up, you’re trying to re-launch and get on back on the board — and somehow, your leg gets tangled into the bar leash; the kite pulls you and with your leg caught up… you’re either getting pulled by the leg  or you’re getting dragged in and out of the water… not necessarily life-threatening, but definitely not a pleasant experience. (You can see from the picture below, how things can go bad…)


Over the years, we’ve been observing this type of accidents happening with beginner students, and although not too frequent, it’s enough to put a stain on your kiteboarding experience… not to mention that it could potentially be dangerous.

For that reason, we’ve designed a shorter leash for our beginner students that is be tangle-free.  Our repair team has customized it to give maximum safety and comfort, while still retaining the full functionality.