IKO Assistant & Instructor Course

IKO Assistant & Instructor Course

Learn, progress and teach kiteboarding with IKO to be recognized for your skills and services internationally.

Kiteboarding is a very young extreme sport and still in its development and growth stage. After 15 years of research, comments, testing and development, the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) has created a full-circle program in several languages ​​to teach and train new kiteboarders, instructors and assistants quickly and safely.

They’re the trainers of instructors with a mission to develop the sport safely and appropriately. IKO has established the international standard for service and progress on a global scale.

The course is designed for you to become a competent Assistant or Instructor. You’ll be able to learn through a recognized, first-class method for teaching safely and efficiently, from beginners to independent kitesurfers.

When you obtain the IKO title, you will be able to work in any school worldwide as an instructor assistant or as a level 1 instructor.

The second GoKite-sponsored IKO course

This time we, at GoKite Cabarete Kiteboarding School, are proud to host our first IKO course for assistants and instructors of kitesurfing!

The course schedule is as follows:

 Dates Course Instructor
18 al 22 de febrero 2019 Asistente de instructor Carlos Jambrina
23 – febrero 2019 Primeros Auxilios Vincent Herbillon
25 de febrero al 1 de marzo 2019 Instructor Nivel 1 Vincent Herbillon

Courses Offered in February

Instructor Level 1

5-day professional course designed for Assistant Instructors to become Instructors.

  • 5-day course with an Examiner.
  • The Instructor certification when you demonstrate the required level.
  • Price: $890

Assistant Instructor

5-day professional course designed to prepare the candidates for the Instructor Course.

  • 5-day course with an Assistant Trainer.
  • The Assistant Instructor certification when you demonstrate the required level.
  • Price: $500

Medic First Aid

1-day professional course designed to prepare the candidates for giving emergency care.

  • The medic first aid certification at the end of the course.
  • Price: $90

Meet your Instructor, Vincent Herbillon

Vincent has been a IKO member since 2010, and is both a instructor and an examiner. He lives in Saint-Martin-aux-Champs, France and has over 9,000 teaching hours.

Vincent has numerous qualifications and we could easily run out of space naming them all: Examiner, Instructor Level 3, Coach Trainer, Training Master… to name a few.

Vincent teaches in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portugese.

Meet your Instructor, Carlos Jambrina

Carlos lives in Barcelona , Spain , and has been a member of IKO since 2013.

Carlos has over 3,000 teaching hours and is an Instructor Level 3, and Assistant Trainer.

Carlos teaches in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Catalan.

He is also First Aid , Diving and Sailing Instructor.


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