Many people have been asking us whether we’re going to lose the beach, like we did in summer 2015.

Last year, we lost the beach in the summer, caused by continuous strong trade winds for about 4 years in a row. Additionally, we had a supermoon — a phenomenon that occurs every 18 years — which brought extra-high tides, making our beach almost disappear at the end of last summer.

This year, we’ve been affected by El Niño, which has been steadily bringing us big swells with cold fronts from the North. This weather system affected the trade winds — and consequently made our wind conditions less than perfect, but is bringing the sand back to the beach.

By now, our beach is completely “back,” and we’re expecting it to stay so throughout the year. This means our student’s will have more room, which makes our kiteboarding environment safer and kite launching and landing easier.

Additionally, El Niño is getting weaker as summer approaches, and is expected to completely subside by the end of spring. Summers traditionally bring great kiteboarding weather conditions to Cabarete, with or without El Niños  (we’re talking from years of experience) — so we’re looking forward to a great kiteboarding summer!

Take a look at the “photo story” about Kite Beach conditions below: