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Discover cool kitesurfing spots on the North Coast — with same wind, but no waves...
Although the Kite Beach is one of the best choices for kiteboarding, you might want to check out other beaches near by, with flatwater and consistent trade winds… Whether you are looking for a family excursion, an experience to share with a group of friends, or a solo traveler looking to make new friends, here at GoKite we make day long kite trips an adventure not to be missed!
Taking a day long kite trip is certainly a good answer! These adventures are an excellent way to get a diversity of both kiting and local cultural experiences, all with the safety of a local guide and kiting supervisors. GoKite Cabarete offers trips up and down the North Coast, which allow you to do downwinders and experience more of the DR’s hidden kite spots, and still be able to come back to the comfort of your hotel accommodations.

Kiteboarding Trip to Buen Hombre

This small, beautiful, fishing village is located about 35 km before Monte Cristi. This village of “Good Man,” named for its kind and generous people, has long been a “secret kite spot.” Hidden behind the hills, it surprises you with breathtaking landscapes and the especially flat water as you descend to the beach from the arid desert hills.

This is an excellent spot for learners, as the calm water takes away the chaotic wave element, so that you can develop your kite control and riding ability at a faster rate. More advanced kiters also love it because they can practice tricks that might otherwise be limited by choppy water conditions.

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