Challenge Yourself to a Downwinder

Catch a lift to the secret kite spot La Boca and kite the 12 km of shore break back to Kite Beach

La Boca Downwinder

If you have been riding up and down Kite Beach for a while, or have arrived for a vacation as an experienced rider, it can be fun to challenge yourself to a downwinder!

This is a great way to get a new perspective of Cabarete and the beautiful mountains behind it. Depending on the time of year you may also spot some whales, and almost definitely a few sea turtles. Awesome as a group excursion or to make some new kiteboarding friends, this is a not to miss experience while kiteboarding in Cabarete.

GoKite Cabarete offers half-day downwinders to La Boca at super-reasonable prices. We leave the school around lunch time and drive down a sandy, windy road until we hit the mouth of the Yasica River with its flat water. You can enjoy a fresh seafood lunch at Wilson’s restaurant, or just cruise around, before heading out into the waves and making your way downwind back to Kite Beach.

This ride can take anywhere from 40 minutes to a couple hours, depending on how leisurely you are and how big your group is. It’s your day, so you’re welcome to take your time!

More details about the trip on our blog..

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